Remote Patient Monitoring

Our Solution: On receival of the project and post a preliminary discussion, The Expert Insight quickly identified the leading players in the industry and chalked out the supply chain to identify the most relevant set of advisors from its global professional network. Our project manager worked with the client to ensure the correct advisor was brought on-board for a scheduled discussion. A detailed profile of the advisors were drafted showcasing their experience in the industry and also emphasizing their direct responsibilities during the tenure for the client to understand their relevance and make a choice. The identification to on-boarding of the advisors and the scheduling of their respective consultation calls with the client were all carried out within a rapid timeline, bound by the client. Some of the consultation calls included interactions with the following advisors from our network.

Result: The information from our advisors enabled the client with real-time insights that had not only made them understand the market landscape but had also given them a competitive edge in gauging the future pathways of remote patient monitoring devices. The Expert Insight advisors got them equipped with the right set of information to win the project from their end client.