Understanding Investment potential in the Cold Storage Market

They were further looking for insights on the correct retail storage procedures in terms of stock rotation, avoiding cross-contamination, pallet stacking, and health, safety, and security regulations for food cold storage so they can optimize the company’s cold storage facility.

Our solution: The Expert Insight made a deep dive to understand the supply chain dynamics and identify the in-house cold storage facilities and the distributors. The project manager had been tracking the updates diligently from the client to ensure our efforts were specifically aligned in finding the right consultant for the requirement. The research team connected with a set of experts who were exclusively vetted on the requirement. Preliminary responses to the vetting questions were recorded from the experts by our research team so the client could better assess the relevance of their experience with respect to their study scope. The Expert Insight ensured the correct advisors were brought on board and the respective consultation calls got scheduled at a mutually decided time and date.

Result: With the right expertise from our advisors the client could arrive at efficient ways to optimize the cold storage measures and be able to assess the potential returns from the investment.