Air Suspension Market in North America

They were also keen to know the industry trends of the air suspension market with respect to the types of vehicles used, the components, and the aftermarket. Additionally, they wanted insights on the competitive landscape of some OEMs including their product strategies, revenue splits across different states/provinces.

Our Solution: We made an in-depth assessment to comprehend the supply chain patterns in the ‘Air Suspension Market’ and recognized the most pertinent advisors from our Global Professional Network. Our project manager’s thorough due diligence on client updates and industry trends ensured that the expert strategy fits the client’s requirements seamlessly (existing and potential), within its policy and service-delivery environment. Our research team connected with a select set of experts who were dedicatedly reviewed on the pre-conditions set. A detailed profile of the experts was drafted, showcasing their relevant involvement within the industry and furthermore, their immediate obligations were underlined to meet the client’s expectations. We guaranteed that the right counsels were brought on board and calls were booked at a commonly chosen time and date. Some of the consultations calls included follow-up interactions with the experts from our network to further draw up detailed conclusions and analyses. 

Result: The vetted experts primarily represent OEMs, distributors, and also independent automotive consultants. They provided detailed knowledge on the quantitative and qualitative aspects of the components including shock absorber, compressor, solenoid valve, air spring, height & pressure sensor, etc, technological advancements and the vehicle types where the sensors are installed. The experts elaborated on Air below holding the largest share in the market, propelled by the installation of air suspension in the heavy vehicle segment. They also emphasized non-electronically controlled system dominating segments and the new smart air spring system for enhanced efficiency that gives operational status information in real-time. They further highlighted some regionally exclusive pointers pertaining to the aftermarket sales, pricing, distribution channels, and accessories.

The information from our experts enabled our client to comprehend the market scene in detail and provided them with a rigorous understanding of the ‘Air Suspension Market’ in the requested geography. The Expert Insight advisors got them outfitted with suitable delivery of information to win the task.