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The FMCG sector is witnessing an influx of trends like data analytics and e-commerce. It is also affected by innovations in supply chain management, changes in logistics, compliance & regulatory pressures, and evolving demands due to changing consumer behavioral patterns. While this sector of business has probably profited the most during the pandemic, it has also experienced immense pressure on the supply chain due to the hoarding mentality and challenges of product availability in remote areas.

With the growing public health concern and economic crises amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this sector is expected to continue witnessing some drastic changes. One of the key changes being the rising preference for digital models of online shopping and delivery.


Once the crisis subsides, the reconfiguration of the sector will have a significant impact on labor-management, digital aspects, logistics, supply chain, and global sourcing. With our FMCG advisors, scaling these changes will become easier as their insights can guide in forming powerful and effective strategies

Expert interviews with them can help our clients plan for the new normal. Their expert advice is necessary to assess the potential impact of these on the business. Guided by their expertise, clients can uncover powerful insights associated with price, market competition, consumer preferences in their market thus strengthening their decision-making and new product development processes.