When time is of essence, connecting with the right individual helps you fastrack your research and act with confidence. At The Expert Insight we offer exclusive Phone Consultations where a client can engage on a one-on-one call with a subject matter expert and uncover novel trends or deep-seated insights. We ensure that our dedicated Project Supervisor, finds the right fit for your project goals and schedules your consultation. The client further receives a full transcript or audio recording of the call.


At The Expert Insight we understand that surveys are vital for clients to learn about their potential customers and strengthen their decision-making process. Our Surveys thus help our patrons to test their strategies/ideas against a well-defined model population and gain broader insights into their perceptions and intuitions in a short span of time.


Our written consultants help the clients to cut through the noise and get extensive answers to pressing questions in their industry. These field experts strive to fill gaps and provide a profound understanding of evolving trends and crucial data. By choosing this service, clients not only benefit from reduced in-house research time but also gain access to material that help them navigate complex subjects concentrating on what matters the most.


We realize that there are more than just verbal cues that impact the success of a meetings. At The Expert Insight we thus encourage our clients toward face to face meetings with an expert in a favored location. For each scheduled engagement we ask the clients about their purpose and suggest top class professionals with experience across the specific industries. The client further receives a full transcript or audio recording of the call.